The best paper and best student paper awards sponsored by IEEE Technical Committee on Computational Life Science (TCCLS) have been announced. Congratulations for the authors of these papers.

Best paper award:

  1. Filipa G. Carvalho, Maryam Abbasi, Bernardete Ribeiro and Joel P. Arrais    Deep Model for Anticancer Drug Response through Genomic Profiles and Compound Structures
  2. Semin Kim, Huisu Yoon, Jongha Lee and Sangwook Yoo    Semi-automatic Labeling and Training Strategy for Deep Learning-based Facial Wrinkle Detection

Best student paper:

  1. Yanling Liu, Yueying Zhou and Daoqiang Zhang    TcT: Temporal and channel Transformer for EEG-based Emotion Recognition
  2. Alberto Labrada and Buket Barkana    Breast Cancer Diagnosis from Histopathology Images using Supervised Classifiers
  3. Mahbub Ul Alam, Jón Rúnar Baldvinsson and Yuxia Wang    Exploring LRP and Grad-CAM visualization to interpret multi-label-multi-class pathology prediction using chest radiography
  4. Jian Lei, Xun Lang and Bingbing He    Ultrasonic Carotid Blood Flow Velocimetry Based on Deep Complex Neural Network
  5. Limin Huang, Haijun Lei, Weixin Liu, Zhen Li, Hai Xie and Baiying Lei    End-to-end Multi-task Learning Regression Network for Fovea Localization in Fundus Images