Dear Authors

CBMS 2022 is now open for registration. For the registration, there are some NOTEs which should be noticed.

  1. Please check the filled information carefully. These informations will be used to generate your invoice, which will be sent to your registration email address in few days after the registration. Especially your paper ID, which can be found in your paper acceptance notification email.
  2. The payment will be made by Paypal (for overseas Registrant only) or Wechat pay (for Chinese Registrant only). The Chinese characters on the registration page are for the Chinese Registrant who requires the Chinese paper invoice. Overseas Registrant can leave it blank. An example of the invoice of CBMS 2022 is shown at the end of this letter. If editorial information is required for the invoice (TAX ID et al.), or you have problems when making the payment, please contact or
  3. There is a small bug when submitting your registration information (we are sorry about that), if you see an error box that shows “Please fill all the information with *”, please firstly check whether all the blanks with * are filled. If so, please make some random changes and then recover it, and try to submit again. This method will solve most of this problem.
  4. Once you click the submission button, your information will appear at the top of the page. Please recheck it and if no problem, you can Paypal or Wechat pay.
  5. If you failed to make the payment, please try to register again. However, sometimes your previous registration information will be saved and when you register using the same email address, there will be an error box shows “This email address has been registered”. Now you can both contact or and provide your registration email address, so the technician can reset your registration; OR you can register using other email address.

Thank you for your contribution to CBMS 2022 and sorry for the inconvenience of the register system.


CBMS 2022